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    10 natural ways to chase away the red from bloodshot eyes

    Everyone is familiar with the problem of chronic fatigue and lack of sleep, working at the computer for too long and copious tears. However, not only this can provoke a phenomenon like red eyes: the reasons are sometimes much more serious. This cause not only discomfort, but it also looks quite unattractive. Therefore, the question […] More

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    How to diagnose, treat and prevent ovarian cysts

    The ovaries are two nut-sized organs, located on both sides of your womb. They regulate your menstrual cycle and fertility, producing hormones and releasing eggs. It’s not uncommon that fluid-filled cysts develop in the ovarian tissue because of hormonal fluctuations or certain structural abnormalities. Ovarian cyst is a rather common problem among women of childbearing […] More

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    An egg a day keeps the heart doctor away, according to new research

    Consumption of chicken eggs and products based on them is useful for cerebral vessels. Only one egg a day is enough to reduce the risk of stroke in the elderly people by 12%. This information was given in a study conducted by American scientists. As the researchers note, eggs contain antioxidants that lower the level […] More

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    Leukemia vs. lymphoma: symptoms, causes and treatment options

    Cancer is the most unpredictable and poorly-understood health issue, which may appear anywhere in human body. It’s even possible for it to develop in the blood! Have you ever heard about leukemia and lymphoma? Both of them are types of blood cancer. Leukemia is an abnormally rapid propagation of white blood cells, which occurs in […] More

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    Germs in the lungs or airways: how deadly is aspiration pneumonia?

    Pneumonia is rather serious condition, which occurs when germs enter the lungs and become infected. In some cases, food, saliva, vomit or stomach acid may travel into the respiratory organs, instead of being swallowed. Normally, cough and gag reflex help prevent aspiration of all these stuff. But in those, who have problems with defensive mechanisms, […] More

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    14 ways to use onions in treating and preventing health issues

    Onion is the most underrated food ingredient present in your kitchen. You can use it in various dishes or eat it in a salad, but the medicinal benefits of onions remain unexplored. Everyone knows that the onion is useful. In general, we perceive it as a kind of anti-catarrhal property, while in reality it is […] More

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    How to tell if he’s a narcissist: 3 red flags women should notice

    If you see that your partner seems full of himself, ignores your feelings, tries to control your life and manipulates you, you should be careful. While almost everyone can be narcissistic sometimes, it is possible that these characteristics are more than just irritating character traits. Your partner could have narcissistic personality disorder, which can make […] More

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    Release stress the Japanese way: by squeezing a finger for 2 minutes

    What prevents you from living peacefully? Probably, each of you will answer that it is difficult to live “quietly”, since this is impossible because of constant stress, anxiety and pressure. Some people try to practice meditation and exercise as often as possible to rid their mind and body of stress and live positively and calmly. […] More

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