Plants that will bring positive energy and good fortune into your home!

Feng Shui is something that you have probably heard about. It is actually an ancient technique that says that you need to place certain objects, in certain places of your home, so that you can influence the flow of energy inside of your home.

According to Feng Shui, plants possess energy like all other organic things. Scientists also agree, and some of them have confirmed that plants have the ability to destroy toxins and chemicals in the air and make the air much safer to breathe.

Plants that will purify the air that you breathe in your home

Peace lily

This plant possesses the ability to eliminate the dangerous toxins that can be found in the air, and it is a plant that it very easy to maintain and grow. It is also a beautiful plant that will improve the look of your home.


Palm trees are plants that are bigger than your average plants, and they also have the ability to eliminate formaldehyde and xylene from the air.


Rosemary plant is a plant that has a beautiful aroma, on top of its ability to clear the air of toxins. This plant will also bring positive energy into your home.


Orchid will release oxygen overnight, which makes it one of the best plants to place in your bedroom. It will absorb huge amounts of carbon monoxide from the area, which will, in turn, make you sleep better.

Lucky bamboo

One of the symbols of Feng Shui. There are many people who believe that this plant contains positive energy inside of it and that it will bring prosperity and happiness to your home. This is a plant that is very easy to maintain.


Known as the Money Tree plant, this plant supposedly has the ability to bring prosperity and wealth. It is also one of the easiest plants to keep at home, because it requires little to no care, except for, of course, the regular watering


This is a plant that does not require constant care, and it has the ability to remove benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde from the air that surrounds it.

African violet

You should place African violet in the southeast corner of your home, and it will help you with prosperity and wealth. This plant is a serious symbol of wealth, partially because of its petals that resemble coins.

English ivy

The leaves of the English Ivy have the ability to eliminate the negative energy, especially if you place this plant in your bedroom. The plant itself can purify the air around you, and also remove formaldehyde from it.

Citrus trees

Citrus plants like lemons and tangerine, symbolize prosperity and health, and they also contain a strong aroma that will make the room in which they are placed – smell great. This also contributes to the relaxation of your mind and body.

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