Here’s How To Easily Grow Avocado From A Seed!

Unlike in the past, avocados are everywhere right now. The tropical fruit can be used in a variety of ways and is an inseparable part of many delicacies around the world. At the same time, avocados are incredibly healthy for us – they are full of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber which can certainly improve our overall health.

The only bad thing about the recent avocado trend is that grocery stores are selling them for a 25-30% higher price just so they can maximize their profits, which really isn’t fair. However, there’s a solution to everything. Instead of buying suspicious avocados from a health store, you can grow your own at home and have a steady supply of fresh organic avocados.

If you’re thinking “Is it possible for me to grow a tree at home?”, yes, it is. In fact, avocados are pretty simple to grow – all they need is sunshine, water and some love.

How To Grow Your Own Avocados


Get a medium-sized avocado and carefully cut it in half, but make sure not to damage the seed, so cut around it. Now, find the top and bottom of it and stick 4 toothpicks on all the sides of the bottom at an angle. Put the bottom part in a glass of water and let the seed grow. Make sure that the seed is soaking in at least an inch of water.

That’s it – all you need to do now is put the glass at a sunny spot and wait for your tree to grow! Most avocado seeds need 2-6 weeks to sprout if they get enough sunlight. However, if you don’t notice it sprouting after 6 weeks, wait for a week or two more as some seeds need more time.


When the tree grows over 6 inches, it’s time to plant it. Get a 10-inch diameter pot which has drainage holes. Pour nutrient rich soil in the pot and leave a hole at the top for the seed. Plant it carefully, paying attention not to break the root. Cover almost half of the seed with soil and leave the top exposed.


Once planted, move the avocado in a sunny spot. Since it’s a tropical tree, it needs at least 8 hours of sun every day. You don’t need to water it that much – just make sure to keep the soil moist. If your avocado leaves get dry and brown, it’s dehydrated. In this case, put the pot under a stream of running water from a tap and make sure the soil drains properly. This should be the last watering for some time, until the leaves return to normal.

On the other hand, if the leaves droop and turn yellow, you’re overwatering it. In this case, reduce the amount and frequency of water you use on the tree.

Keep caring for your plant and it will definitely flourish. It will take years before the fruits develop and they will probably be smaller than the avocados in the market, but at least they’ll be organic. And food surely tastes much better when you grow it on your own.

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