19 zodiac pairs can have difficult relationships

Recently, astrology is of great importance in our lives. People began to be interested in signs of the zodiac of their partners and friends, figuring out whether they fit them horoscope. The signs of the zodiac of the date will help you determine which type you and your partner are, just know your birthdays.

It is believed that the most successful and productive communication will be between signs that relate to one element.

The fiery zodiacs (Sagittarius, Lion, Aries) are the most impulsive, aquatic zodiacs (Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces) – they live with emotions; the inner world is of great importance to them, the earthly (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) are distinguished by their pragmatism, the signs of the air ( Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) are unreliable.

Many believe that choosing a partner needs the same element as they themselves, or at least with the adjacent element. This is not the case if you will be one element, then you will, of course, understand each other perfectly, but the same qualities that are inherent in the elements will sometimes lead to conflicts.

There are many happy couples who belong to different elements, they are perfectly suited to each other. They complement each other and become one whole.

If, for example, your satellite Fire (for example, the man Aries), and you are Water (the girl Cancer), then you will like to extinguish it, which is something they are sometimes very needed. The air zodiac will allow the Earth sign to fly a little in the clouds, and then put them on the ground at the right time.

Some people, even marrying and giving birth to children, follow horoscopes, believing in favorable and unfavorable days, but if the marriage is really successful and the child is needed, then no date will matter. So, many are afraid to marry in May, but May is a calf month, that is, these marriages will be strong and long.

Planning a conception of a rumen is important, unless you want the child to have a certain zodiac sign and gender.

Therefore, one should not take a great interest in astrology and calculate the number of births of your future spouse, to experience that someone does not fit you. Trust, respect, understanding – that’s what matters, if it is, then you will be happy, no matter what the stars were born of.

Finally, for those who still want to follow astrology, we will bring couples that are considered incompatible, and their union is undesirable, as well as those that are considered compatible, only once again, the sign is not always crucial!

Check out zodiac sign, which does not match with one another at all!:

#1 Aries – Cancer

#2 Taurus – Lion

#3 Gemini – Virgo

#4 Cancer – Aries

#5 Leo – Gemini

#6 Virgo is Aries

#7 Libra – Cancer

#8 Scorpio – Virgo

#9 Sagittarius – Deva

#10 Capricorn – Sagittarius

#11 Aquarius – Cancer

#12 Pisces – Libra.

#13 Aries – Scorpio

#14 Taurus – Taurus

#15 Gemini – Aries

#16 Cancer – Gemini

#17 Lion – Aries

#18 Virgo – Libra

#19 Libra – Scorpio

From this list, you can see that people who probably won’t be good for long lasting relationship, despite of the feelings that you might have.This will once again prove that it is a good idea to chose horoscope, before starting serious relationships. However true feelings and happiness matters the most!


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