12 mistakes many middle-aged women make

No matter how we try to defeat age, sooner or later, it will inevitably take over. If you only deceived yourself about aging before, then its effects may come as a shock.

Aging entails inevitable changes, both in our appearance and in the way of life. It can be extremely difficult to part with cute habits, like beloved shoes and clothes, but it’s necessary.

What are the most common mistakes of middle age, and what is necessary in order to smooth out and neutralize their negative impact on us? Check out what we have collected for you today.

#1 Abundance of varnish on hair. Complex, heaped hairstyles – especially those in which the hair is fixed with varnish or gel, are only good for the carnival, podium, or photo sessions.

#2 Ton. Tone creams and powders are designed to hide small flaws on women’s faces. Superimposed, they even create the illusion that the skin looks healthier and smoother. But the foundation itself must remain invisible. That is, a woman should not advertise that she uses it.

#3 Glitter eyelids. If you are not a professional model that demonstrates a variety of makeup, then it’s better to give up the sparkles on the eyelids. Most men find them provocative, even vulgar. Again, a woman with shining eyelids looks unnatural

#4 Fused eyelashes. Eyelashes stick together when women use bad quality mascara to lengthen the hairs.

#5 Not getting enough sleep. You need to have a regular schedule, as you get older, in order to help your organism prolong its youth.

#6 Skipping exercise. Exercise is a must, if you want to look good, no matter how old are you.

#7 Absence of self care practice. We are talking about getting massages, using necessary creams , and just relaxing for your pleasure.

#8 Not getting enough vitamins. You need to eat fruits and vegetables, or consume helpful supplements to get enough vitamins.

#9 Not consuming enough potassium. It helps you increase your metabolism.

#10 Dry skin. Men appreciate tactile sensations. But the pleasure of stroking a woman will be ruined if her skin is dry, and heels and elbows are rough. There are plenty of means to mitigate anything. Women should not deny themselves.

#11 Giving up social life gradually. Your life is not only about your kids and family, leave some time for yourself.

#12 Wearing clothes you used to wear when you were 20. You change, so your clothes need to correspond with your age.

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