What a person’s soul looks like based on their choice of Indian symbols

Have you ever wondered why you chose this particular symbol as a suspension? Or why do you want to make a tattoo in the form of a specific sign? The desire that comes from within a person, shows what his soul seeks. This is the power of the symbol, and hence the purpose of this test: to see what your soul craves.

We do not choose a symbol, this symbol chooses us. It is unreasonable to try to find your own symbol. Let your soul do it for you. There are some ways how this can be done. First of all, clear your thoughts. Now look at the picture.

Do not let your brain think, just keep looking. Now let your heart choose your Indian symbol. This interesting test will describe your life situation at the moment and slightly open the veil of the future. So, are you ready to choose?

#1. If you choose this symbol, this means that our soul is a new soul. You may be the first person with this soul. You need to find its goals.

#2. This symbol shows that your soul is constantly balancing between two sides: evil and good. Your soul will help you make right decisions.

#3. This symbol means that your soul will always help other people. This is its goal.

#4. Your soul is a mystery. You will always differ from other people.

#5. Your soul will find peace when you understand your real goal. You are a very wise person and your soul will help you find your way.

#6. This symbol shows that your soul is very warm and you have light inside. You illuminate not only your life, but also other people’s life.

#7. This symbol means that your soul is active and you are always on the move.

#8. You have a fiery soul. You are a very passionate person. You love with all your heart.

What do you think?

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