Top 9 symptoms of excess estrogen in women

Estrogen is one of the most important hormones, produced in woman’s body.

Moreover, estrogen surprisingly makes a great influence on your skin, bones, heart and brain.

That’s why women in menopause, whose estrogen levels become extremely low, may suffer from cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and depression.

However, not only lack of this chemical may cause harm. It was found that excess of estrogen may also contribute to unpleasant symptoms.

Sometimes your body may start to produce too much estrogen by its own, but it’s possible to get surplus from some medications, like hormone replacement therapy.

Be aware that these symptoms may mean that your body contains too much estrogen:

#1. Weight gain – lack of estrogen causes accumulation of the fat on the waist, while its excess may be responsible for extra fat on your hips and thighs.

#2. Tender breasts – have you ever noticed that your breasts become swollen and tender few days before periods? The same thing may occur, if your ovaries create too much estrogen.

#3. Bloating – uncomfortable belching, burping and fullness are the common signs of hormonal changes.

#4. New lump in the breast – finding a new lump is really stressful event. The good news is that most of the breast lumps are benign and go away within one or two menstrual cycles. But it might be better to consult with your doctor, if found any new formation in the breast.

#5. Mood swings – when your estrogen levels fluctuate, your mood may change in the course of several minutes, even if there is no significant reason.

#6. Too severe PMS – high estrogen can make your PMS symptoms unusually bad.

#7. Changes in periods – once your hormonal balance is disturbed, your periods may become irregular, prolonged, too short or even absent.

#8. Sleeplessness – there is a high number of reasons, which can lead to sleep problems. And excessive estrogen is among them.

#9. Extreme tiredness – everybody feels exhausted from time to time. But if your fatigue has already become your routine condition, it’s time to check your hormonal balance.

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