Yoga for all: 5 simple moves that will relieve back pain

In the age of modern technologies, our back muscles are suffering the most. Health experts claim that back pain has become a common problem of teenagers, adults and elderly. The cause of back pain is a sedentary lifestyle and the lack of physical activity.

How can we prevent back pain? The answer is easy! We should lead an active lifestyle. That is why we would like to show the advantages of yoga for back pain treatment. There is a common belief that yoga practice is only good for flexible people, but that is wrong belief. Yoga is a great physical activity and it is perfect for people of any age and physical level.

In this article, we would like to show you five effective yoga poses which can be performed at home to treat and prevent back pain. In order to start this practice, make sure you have a yoga mat. This yoga routine consists of five effective positions including standing forward bend pose, seated forward bend pose, marichi’s pose, intensive extraction pose and locust pose.

#1. Standing forward bend pose

This pose can be performed by absolutely any person. But not every person will be able to reach the floor with his arms at the first attempt. So don’t worry, if you will practice this position regularly, you will improve flexibility and strengthen your back muscles.

#2. Seated forward bend pose

You should know that in order to perform this asana, it is not necessary to reach your knees with your forehead. All you need to do is to bend over keeping your back straight.

#3. Marichi’s pose

This easy position is very beneficial for your spine health, and it can be performed in a sitting position. When you perform this pose correctly, you feel tension in back muscles.

#4. Intensive extraction pose

This pose is easy, but very effective. You may choose the distance between your foots and the wall on your own. Choose the intensity of position according to your flexibility level.

#5. Locust pose

This is one of the most effective poses for back strengthening. You may choose the intensity of this position according to your flexibility level.

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