10 harmful wardrobe items

You will not believe, but it turns out that each of us is in the balance of the development of diseases such as varicose veins, cystitis and curvature of the spine right now. All happens because of the frequent wearing of clothing, shoes and accessories that disrupt the normal functioning of the body.

However, you should not panic: in order to avoid these troubles, get acquainted with our anti-rating of the most harmful items of clothes and shoes and make changes in your daily look. Every woman tries to look beautiful and sexy, putting on high heels or tight jeans.

However, only few people think about how dangerous shoes and clothes can be. Not all clothes are as harmless as they seem. We offer you to look at 10 most harmful wardrobe items. Some of them will really surprise you:

#1. Miniskirts, low-raised jeans and cropped tops and jackets. They seem to be beautiful, but can lead to many problems with your health. For example, you can have problems with your kidneys.

#2. High heels. Shoes with high heels can cause problems with the legs and spine and lead to such sad consequences as the intervertebral hernia, joint problems and calluses on the legs.

#3. Big hat, caps and deep hoods can make you have problems with your eyes.

#4. Tightening underwear. Fans of such lingerie need to be careful. Such items of women’s underwear can cause impaired digestion and circulation in the pelvic area.

#5. Heavy bags. A large heavy bag, especially if it is a shoulder bag, spoils the posture, increases fatigue and, in general, rarely makes a lady look attractive.

#6. Skinny jeans. They can disrupt blood circulation and lead to varicose veins.

#7. Very tight tights. They also can lead to problems with blood circulation.

#8. Wrong Bra. A bra that is too large will provoke a chest and back pain, while too tight can cause excessive sweating.

#9. Thongs. Scientists have proved that constant friction in the inguinal region can cause irritation, the spread of bacteria and the development of various female diseases.

#10. Low-quality accessories. They can lead to various allergic reactions on your skin.

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