The great perks of being left-handed

Left-handedness is not considered a disadvantage, as it was half a century ago. However, their thinking and behavior still seem strange to other people. The thing is that the left-hander’s brain uses specific strategies to solve problems.

Most often, the leading role of the right hemisphere is determined by genetics. Only 2% of left-handers are born in right-handed families, but if both parents of the child are dominated by the right hemisphere, this feature will be transmitted to children in almost a half of the cases.

In comparison with their right-handed peers, left-handers are more sensitive, prone to anxiety and neuroses. They are more sensitive to the color and shape of objects, see the differences between things, even when right-handed people consider them to be exactly the same. There are some other interesting facts about left-handed people:

#1. Nobody knows why they exist. There is still no definite answer why some people are left-handed.

#2. Nobody knows how many left-handed people live on the Earth. Their quantity is between 5 and 25% of people. The southern hemisphere of the Earth is more left-handed: there are many more left-handers among the population of South Asia, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia.

#3. Left-handed people can show better sport results.

#4. Left-handedness has never become extinct. Left-handed people can have those abilities that right-handed people do not have.

#5. Left-handed people can solve problems better. They are better at multiple solutions. They find non-standard solutions to problems.

#6. Left-handedness can be predicted. About ten percent of babies are future left-handed people.

#7. Left-handed people are very smart. The main feature of left-handed brain is the way it processes information. So, they can even take better positions at work. Many left-handed people have good musical abilities and absolute hearing.

#8. Most left-handed people were born in spring. Testosterone is more actively produced in warm seasons. So, most people who are conceived in summer will become left-handed.

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