8 definite signs of malicious envy

Very often, we get so happy with our success that we tend to underestimate those who envy us. Of course, envy is something close to being a natural response, but some people may take it to quite a new level that is why it is best to stay away from such people as far as possible. However, how do you know that someone is jealous of you?

The thing is that it is very easy to stop a person who is deeply jealous of you in you know what to pay attention to. That is why we are going to share with you a list of 8 things that only envious people do. If you feel or see any of them or some of them coming from the same person you better distance yourself.

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#1 False compliment

If the person sends you compliments while talking negatively behind your back that is a clear sign of envy. The best way to deal with it is to send the compliment back when the person actually succeeds in something so that he or she realizes how sincere you are.

#2 Lessen success

Envious people are always trying to bring down your success, and it is best to stay away from someone like that. What is more, it is also good not to pay attention to someone who is saying that all that you do is nothing.

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#3 Showing off

When the person is jealous, she tries to bring up all of her successes so that people maybe admire her instead. The best you can do is to ignore.

#4 Imitation

Jealous people usually try to imitate people they are jealous of. However, you should not be necessarily disappointed with that since you can even motivate them to achieve something on their own.

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#5 Being opponent

They try to be better than you are any time they have the possibility. Just let them do that while you are doing your own business until it does not interfere with you, you can easily let it go.

#6 Appreciate your failure

It is obvious that people who are envious of you will surely get happy when you fail at something. It is best for you not to get disappointed when you fail, there is nothing better to deal with envious people than that.

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#7 Gossiping

If the person is gossiping behind your back or even in front of you about other people, it is best to set distance between you straight away.

#8 Hatred

If you can’t figure out why someone hates you blindly, you should think about envy in the first place. Therefore, it is best to cut all the contacts with such a person.

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