What lips can tell about woman character

The Japanese proverb says that the lips are no less eloquent than the eyes. This was also mentioned by Aristotle, who saw the relationship between the shape of the lips and the inner energy of a person. For example, in Ancient Greece, people used physiognomy – a method of describing the personality and qualities of character, based on facial features and expression.

Strikingly, but small things such as the corners of the lips, the size of the mouth, the brightness of the skin, the bend, the thickness and geometry of the lips can give out persistence and weakness in the person, sensuality and stiffness, stupidity and vanity. What about you? Are you straightforward, naive, or do you believe in everything you are told?

Today we would like to show you that lips tell a lot about character. So, you can find out more about your personality by observing your lips. You just need to go to the mirror, and, standing in front of the mirror, look at your profile and find out which of your lips is more protruding. Do not forget that this works only for natural lips, because if you have silicon or hyaluronic acid in your upper or lower lip, then it does not work.

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#1. Your upper lip is more protruding

People with a larger upper lip than the lower one are straightforward and honest. You hate lies, so you never lie to your close people, and also you do not expect that someone can tell you a lie. It makes you a naive person, because you believe in everything you are told.

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Do you know that you have a big and open heart? You are always happy to help your friends and needy people, for you it is not so difficult. What’s more, you are in love with this life, you enjoy every day you live, because it may be your last. The mistakes that you have ever made in your life for you are a lesson and nothing more, because you do not regret about anything.

Some people envy your positive attitude and smile that is constantly on your face. But it doesn’t matter, because you attract a lot of positive people!

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#2. Your lower lip is more protruding

People with a larger lower lip than the upper one are part of the observant group. You like quietness, and you also prefer to study the reactions and thoughts of other people. You can easily guess who this or that person is. And it’s really cool!

What’s more, you have a sharp mind, so you are good at working with people. The best workplace for you is a job that involves talking and persuasion, like a business manager. In addition, you can become a great writer. The fact is, you have the ability to speak clearly and eloquently. People like to listen to you for hours. That’s why you can try to become a writer, bring your thoughts to people in writing. And it really will work, believe us.

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There are times when you feel lonely. And in these moments, you prefer to surround yourself with books, facts, experiences, but not with people. You should try to become a little more positive and do not strain your mind with unnecessary thoughts. Enjoy even the little things that make you happy!

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