4 serious reasons to fight the addiction and quit eating sugar

Do I have a dependence on sugar? This is the question that you can ask yourself right now. We have been warned since childhood about the dangers of drinking alcohol and using drugs, but we do not know much about the colossal risks that foods with high sugar content.

The word addiction in this case is a reality, it is not an exaggeration. According to a British study in 2013, sugar causes real narcotic addiction. The more you eat, the more you want. Most of us are familiar with the immediate consequences of excess blood sugar – a brutal appetite awakens, we suffer from mood swings.

The damage to the body, which sugar can cause with time, is even more depressing: from skin problems to diabetes and heart diseases.

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The good news is that by giving up sweet captivity for at least a day, we can reverse a lot of harmful processes. Let’s look at 4 serious reasons to fight the addiction and quit eating sugar:

#1. Improved skin quality. Sugar in any form negatively affects the skin and provokes rashes. If you refuse from eating sugar, skin problems will disappear by themselves.

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#2. Lower cholesterol level. If you fight the addiction and quit eating sugar, them your body will become much healthier and the level of cholesterol will lower.

#3. Less prone to disease. Sugar promotes the accumulation of fat deposits around the liver. These deposits increase the resistance to insulin and undermine the pancreas, which inhibits the production of insulin.

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So, if you stop eating sugar, your risks of diabetes will become much lower. Replace sweet granola with a handful of nuts with cottage cheese or make home-made granola with a low content of sweeteners to prevent the development of diseases.

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#4. More energy. Cease to eat sweet, and you will feel more cheerful. There will not be any unpleasant jumps of sugar in the blood, your body will obey you without question, not capricious, not demanding a chocolate bar and not threatening with sleep problems or fainting.

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