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5 power drinks to trim down the belly

Summer has already come, and many of you could not to get rid of excess belly fat. Of course, you tried to do everything, but something went wrong. Are we right? Well, if you want to reduce belly fat and wear sexy bikini, you need to stick to a healthy diet. And remember that your choice of drink is as important as your choice of food.

In this case, give a hard “pass” to sugary and fizzy drinks and go for healthy brews and smoothies: green tea, cinnamon and honey, black coffee, iced water, or a pineapple smoothie. The idea of healthy brews is to not fill up on empty calories, and instead take advantage of some of the nutrient and antioxidant rich properties these drinks have to offer.

Just do not think that when you start drinking these drinks, then you will begin to melt those extra pounds. That’s not exactly true, because there is no magic; you just have to stick to a healthy diet, and these drinks will fill it with useful substances and antioxidants that will help you in the fight against excess weight. Scroll down to see a list of 5 power drinks to trim down the belly!

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#1. Green Tea

We all know about the benefits of green tea for our health: it helps to cleanse the body of toxins to protect it from cancer, and also it helps to enhance skin health. What’s more, green tea is exactly what you need to lose excess weight. It is rich in amazing antioxidants and has heart healthy benefits, which means that this is your best assistant in the fight against belly fat.

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#2. Cinnamon and Honey

In a glass of cool water, mix a spoonful of honey and a half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Drink this amazing cool drink and melt your belly fat. This drink is a great sugary iced tea alternative.

#3. Black Coffee

Did you know that you can boost your metabolism by drinking black coffee? Ditch the unnecessary sugar and cream and be prepared to give your body an infusion of energy and thermogenesis – a stimulant for metabolism!

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#4. Ice Water

Surely, you are thinking about what are the benefits of ice water for losing weight. The fact is, when you drink cold water your body needs to burn more calories in order to digest it into your system. The more water you drink during the day, the more benefits you get.

Also, do not forget that water helps keep your body hydrated, and drinking water before a meal can help you feel more full. So, instead of consuming your favorite snacks, have a glass of water. The fact is, you can feel that you are hungry, but this is not so, you’re thirsty and do not realize it.

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#5. Pineapple Smoothie

Pineapples are rich in Vitamin C, and their component bromelain can help with weight loss. In order to make pineapple smoothie, you need to blend a fresh pineapple with banana, ginger, and some coconut water for a naturally sweet. So tasty and healthy!

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