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Top 3 superfoods to eat for beautiful skin, weight loss and detoxification

Looking perfect is the dream of many women, but only a few succeed. We are not trying to underestimate someone’s effort to look flawless, but there is a lot more to that than just to wish to look great. Hard work stands behind very successful and perfect-looking lady, as well as a great share of knowledge that other tend to neglect.

Taking all that into consideration we decided to share with you some useful information on the subject of how food can influence your looks. It is true that there are certain ingredients that if you add them to you’re your daily menu you will not only improve the state of your skin you will also promote the weight loss and detoxification. Are you ready?

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#1. Jujuba

Jujuba looks like dried figs and tastes as sweet however, it is a lot richer in all possible vitamins and that is why it is so great for you. You can eat it as any other dried fruit or you can add them to the cereal or yogurt, no matter the method of preparation you will still reap the benefit of the fruit.

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#2. Goji

Very often goji berries are advertised as a cure for excess weight. However, there are a lot more benefits to them than just that. The thing is that regular consumption of goji berries influences your skin in the best way possible not to mention that they can easily out leg pain and a whole lot of other issues.

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All you need to do is to make a tea out of the berries and enjoy it on a daily basis. You can also add goji barriers to soups, salads, and even sauces.

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#3. Job’s tears

If there is the best ingredient for detoxification that would be Job ’s tears. Even though they do not contain a whole share of vitamins, but it deals with detoxification simply perfectly. You can add Job ’s tears as a spice to anything, and you will reap the benefits.

credit: freepik


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