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  • The unusual trick to get perfect legs using plastic wrap

    Today cellulite is a real problem for many women around the world. Age does not matter, cellulite can appear at 15, 23, 34, or 45 years. Weight is also unimportant. Just at one point the skin loses its elasticity and becomes like an orange peel. Nobody likes cellulite. However, one way or another, it comes […] More

  • The top 5 easy treatments for cracked heels

    Each representative of the fair sex dreams of beautiful and healthy feet, to show them to others with pleasure. Unfortunately, only a small part of ladies can boast of absolute health of this part of the body. Our feet constantly experience incredibly heavy loads, so their appearance often leaves much to be desired. One of […] More

  • A face cleanser to wipe away both dirt and skin imperfections

    There are many cosmetic products for skin care, but not all of them help our skin, and many are still harmful. If you really want your skin to be healthy and beautiful, choose natural products to care for it, especially since they are much cheaper than chemical analogs and they are almost always at hand. […] More

  • 9 makeup tips for women over 30

    Each woman has her own tips and a permanent set of cosmetics that she uses to apply makeup after 30 years. This age is associated with slightly changed priorities and provides knowledge and application of some secrets when applying makeup. After 30-35 years, the structure of the skin and the oval of the face begin […] More

  • Top 6 foods to eat for healthy and beautiful skin

    When it comes to food, the first thing that comes to mind is that this is the way you can tone yourself up best. But there is a lot more to food than just that. The thing is that healthy diet can influence not only your weight but also your skin. You have to agree […] More