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  • Green tea to lose weight: how to detox and burn fat with Lipton green tea

    Green tea is always included in the diet of people who are monitoring their health. This drink is very useful for the body. Now it is proved that it prolongs life, protects against cancer, reduces the risk of heart and vascular diseases. In addition, regular drinking of green tea helps maintain a slim body. It […] More

  • A drink before bed to melt fat away during sleep

    Many women dream about a magic potion that would help them simply melt the excess fat away. However, very often we are told that such a potion does not exist, at least for now. To tell you the truth there is something close enough to that potion, but art from drinking it you will most […] More

  • 5 power drinks to trim down the belly

    Summer has already come, and many of you could not to get rid of excess belly fat. Of course, you tried to do everything, but something went wrong. Are we right? Well, if you want to reduce belly fat and wear sexy bikini, you need to stick to a healthy diet. And remember that your […] More

  • 6 ways to use coffee for the body and the mind

    Coffee encourages us and makes us happy. The association with coffee as with a drink that gives energy is so strong that even the aroma of coffee alone can give us strength. Therefore, cosmetology uses coffee for beauty so often. Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks of a modern person. It has an […] More

  • 10 Reasons to Start Drinking Green Tea Every Day

    Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks one can consume, and it offers countless health benefits. In Ancient China, it was initially used only by the royalty and the wealthy, and after only the fall of the Mongolian empire, all people got the opportunity to enjoy it. The powerful properties of green tea are […] More

  • 10 things to eat or drink on an empty stomach to lose weight

    Such favorite thing as to sleep a bit longer in the morning does not leave for a person time for a healthy breakfast. Doctors warn that not all foods can be eaten in the morning. Most often quick breakfast is a source of decline of strength, as well as many gastrointestinal diseases. Furthermore, it can […] More