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  • Increase your energy levels with these green smoothie recipes!

    Kimberly Snyder, a detox specialist, and a nutritionist says that the most powerful way to increase our consumption of minerals is to consume a plant-based drink every day, by either juicing or blending vegetables and fruit together. The main reason why green drinks get their vibrant color is because of chlorophyll, which is a pigment […] More

  • Hibiscus tea: everything that you need to know!

    Hibiscus tea is a herbal tea that contains tons of health benefits. Its plant contains calyx, which supports and protects the plant and is one of the things that are responsible for the health benefits. There are more than 200 varieties of hibiscus tea that are commercially sold in the United States. It is caffeine-free, […] More

  • L-theanine: Everything that you need to know about it!

    L-theanine is perhaps the closest thing that we have to meditation in a capsule. The traditional use of green tea dates back all the way to ancient China, and the Japanese regard this tea so highly, that they even created a ceremony for it. Today, drinking tea symbolizes contentment and psychological calm for most people, […] More

  • How to prepare you own fat-burning detox water?

    We all know that water is very important for our health because it can eliminate all the harmful toxins from it. The human body eliminates chemicals and toxins through the liver. This is a two-phase process of detoxification. The liver breaks down the fat-soluble toxins and chemicals and then turns them into water-soluble compounds. Water […] More

  • Fruit smoothies which burn calories and remove accumulated fat

    These smoothies are the perfect examples that fruits can be both tasty and healthy. The ones that we are going to show you today, are extremely healthy and will make you lose calories. Citrus Smoothie Ingredients: One orange One tangerine A quarter of a lemon A little bit of mint How to prepare it: You […] More

  • These banana smoothies will make you lose fat!

    It is a popular belief that bananas should be avoided if you are looking to lose some weight. The banana is one of the most beneficial and desirable ingredients of dietary drinks, and that is all thanks to the potassium which has the ability to remove the excess of water from the body, and also […] More

  • Nettle is an extremely powerful herb that will help you cleanse your body

    Sometimes we forget just how important herbs are for our overall health. Nettle is one of the healthiest and most useful herbs in existence. All parts of this herb are useful, and the tree, the leaf, the root, and the flower, all contain medicinal properties. Nettle is a great blood cleanser. It is a natural […] More