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  • 5 ways to treat and prevent knee pain at home

    Knee pain is one of the most common aches and pains. This pain can be caused by short-term or long-term problems. The main culprits of knee pain are arthritis, sprains, strains, injuries, and gout. If you understand what we are talking about and you are looking for a suitable treatment for this pain, then keep […] More

  • Science Explains What Happens to Your Body When You Do Planks Every Day

    Planks have been called “The Perfect Exercise” to change your mind, your attitude, and your mood. Alternative exercises are highly undervalued. It has gotten to the point where some people think they must dole out hundred-plus dollar gym memberships to get fit. That is all nonsense, of course. There is plenty of value to be […] More

  • A 30-day squat challenge to sculpt the butt of dream

    Many women dream of improving their shape but they cannot bring themselves to start training. They want to get rid of extra pounds and build a toned and taut butt without spending plenty of time at the gym. The squat is an effective and simple exercise which can help to build a strong and beautiful […] More

  • Learn to love exercise in 7 simple steps

    What is the key factor that helps people maintain and improve their health? Yes, that’s right, exercising! Most people want to have beautiful and toned bodies, as well as good health. For this, we buy a gym membership, buy fitness apps in App Store, do our best to put our bodies and health in order. […] More

  • Tone flabby arms: 6 simple moves

    Jiggly arms is a huge problem that prevents people from wearing sleeveless tops, summer dresses and swimsuits. So if you want to get rid of your flabby, saggy arms and sculpt strong, fit arms, read on this article. What causes flabby arms? Most often the main causes of this problem are aging and extra body […] More

  • Yoga for all: 5 simple moves that will relieve back pain

    In the age of modern technologies, our back muscles are suffering the most. Health experts claim that back pain has become a common problem of teenagers, adults and elderly. The cause of back pain is a sedentary lifestyle and the lack of physical activity. How can we prevent back pain? The answer is easy! We […] More

  • 8 yoga poses that stimulate thyroid function and restore thyroid levels

    Yoga is an Eastern practice that goes back thousands of years. Only recently has it become a popularized form of exercise in the West. Although the real intention of yoga (unity of body with spirit) is rarely attained in the colonized Western version of the practice, the postures involved still provide a low-impact form of stretching. […] More