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  • Boiled egg diet plan can help lose up to 12 pounds in 2 weeks

    Are you looking for the best low-calorie diet for slimming down? Stop looking! We would like to show you the one – Boiled egg diet. Believe it or not, but this diet plan can help you lose up to twelve pounds in two weeks. Are eggs good for weight loss? Yes, eggs can make you […] More

  • Lose weight, burn fat, and cleanse organs by following the melon diet

    Are you looking for an effective diet to slim down, detoxify your organs and reduce food cravings? Are you a fan of melons? Then you should think about the Melon diet for weight loss. This diet was originally created by yogis, but now it is popular around the world. However, before you start, you should […] More

  • An effective 14-day diet to lose belly fat

    Nowadays, more and more people are facing the problem of obesity. Obesity – excess fat deposits in the subcutaneous tissue, organs and tissues. It is manifested by an increase in body weight by 20 percent or more from the average values due to adipose tissue. This problem leads to psychophysical discomfort, sexual disorders, diseases of […] More

  • 6 tips to maximize iron absorption

    There are so many health issues these days that it is close to impossible to keep track of all of them. That is why iron deficiency may easily slip your mind. However, when your iron drops you will certainly feel it and trust us these feeling won’t be the best ones. To tell you the […] More

  • A 5-day 1500-calorie diet meal plan that can help reduce some pounds

    The 1500-calorie diet was developed for people who want to lose weight without starving and especially not cut down on their food. This is the number of energy units that should be used daily by those who decide to lose weight in this way. Nutritionists argue that a person should consume 2000-2500 calories daily. This […] More

  • The best summer shape-up eating plan!

    The time has come for the annual bikini face-off. You need to say goodbye to the diets that deplete your energy and make you hungry and miserable. In this article, we are going to talk about a two-week healthy eating plan, that has nutritious and tasty foods that will help you lose up to ten […] More