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  • Undereating is bad for the health: 9 signs that the body isn’t getting enough food

    Nowadays excessive weight has become a rising problem among Americans. Numerous researches show us, that being overweight can cause a lot of harm to our health and contribute to serious health disorders. While we all focus on obesity-problem, adverse effects of undereating are often overlooked. Your body uses calories from foods as energy fuel to […] More

  • 4 serious reasons to fight the addiction and quit eating sugar

    Do I have a dependence on sugar? This is the question that you can ask yourself right now. We have been warned since childhood about the dangers of drinking alcohol and using drugs, but we do not know much about the colossal risks that foods with high sugar content. The word addiction in this case […] More

  • Eating too much salt may be deadly for “good” gut bacteria

    The salt content in the diet of a modern person is greatly overestimated, but salt is not recommended to be eaten daily and in huge quantities. On the contrary, salt abuse can bring a lot of trouble. American scientists have found that the regular consumption of excessive amounts of salt provokes changes in the immune […] More

  • 9 reasons to avoid eating raw fish and how to tell if it’s gone bad

    Do you like eating raw fish? Yes, it is pretty tasty, but dangerous! While many people enjoy eating dishes like sushi and rolls, there are several terrible things potentially hiding in these dishes that you should be aware of before eating. It turns out that raw fish may harbor bacteria and infections. In order to […] More

  • How much salt does the body need?

    This white powder was presented as a sign of friendship in Ancient Rome. It was used for exchange purposes instead of money in the Middle Ages. It was the cause of wars and riots and it was used for protection from evil spirits. Plenty of people were moving from country to country to find this […] More

  • 5 side effects of consuming white sugar

    Sugar is one of the most controversial foods of our time. If to eat is a lot of white sugar in its pure form and in sweets, it will have many side effects on the health. Furthermore, excessive consumption of sugar can promote the loss of calcium from the body. White sugar is dangerous for […] More

  • 12 foods women should eat after a workout to boost weight-loss

    How many times have you been told that working out is not the only thing you need to do in order to shed some weight? Well, probably a lot, but even when you think that you have fixed your diet, there is always something else. Well, nothing is easy in this life. You just have […] More

  • Experience a health boost because of eating eggs

    Do you like eating eggs? How often do you eat them? Or are you trying to avoid them? Let’s figure out how many eggs you can eat to stay healthy. Balancing your diet with eggs is a great way to improve your health. One egg contains just seventy-five calories and it is rich in protein, […] More