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  • Foods that cause insomnia

    Almost every person at least several times in life overtakes insomnia. It is an exhausting state when you really want to, but you can not fall asleep and hardly fall asleep in the morning, and after an hour or two it is time to get up. It is unlikely that people suffering from insomnia will […] More

  • 4 ways to cure joints with cabbage

    What do you know about cabbage? Most likely, you will answer that this is a very useful veggie that you like to use for cooking. Did you know that cabbage can improve your health? Yes, guys, cabbage leaves can improve and eliminate diseases, pain and also improve digestion and breastfeeding. Today we would like to […] More

  • 15 unusual ways to use salt

    Salt is a good and well-known friend in the kitchen, but are there any other ways to use it? We’ve found at least 16. #1. No mold on shower curtains Just wash them with salt for the first time after you’ve bought it. #2. Mosquito bite pain Just put a moist finger in the salt […] More

  • Detox on fruits and veggies to rid the body of toxic substances

    If earlier any diet was associated only with weight loss and starvation, now it means health, harmony and beauty. Popular detox diets allow you to lose a few extra pounds, cleanse the body of toxins and slags, and improve the functioning of the liver and kidneys. First of all, the detox diet is not a […] More

  • Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat: 8 Foods You Should Always Avoid

    The ability to gain weight from eating high-calorie foods is inherent in humanity at the genetic level. Nature took care of us in those times when we lived like wild animals and ate from time to time. On hunger days, in order not to die, the body was fed with energy from its own reserves. […] More

  • 5 vitamins and minerals, which the body usually lacks and where to find them

    Due of the modern rhythm of life, stress and unbalanced nutrition, we often experience a shortage of vital trace elements. They are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. The body needs constant intake of vitamins and minerals. It is important that all useful components come in the right amount and all the time. […] More

  • 10- reasons to do a detox day

    Most of you are aware of the fact that from time to time it is great to have some time for yourself to give your mind some rest. But apart from that, we forget that our bodies need some rest too. The thing is that what we eat these days, sometimes leaves much to be […] More

  • Lose weight, burn fat, and cleanse organs by following the melon diet

    Are you looking for an effective diet to slim down, detoxify your organs and reduce food cravings? Are you a fan of melons? Then you should think about the Melon diet for weight loss. This diet was originally created by yogis, but now it is popular around the world. However, before you start, you should […] More