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  • 6 home remedies to prevent cavities and tooth decay

    Many people are interested in how to treat tooth decay at home, after all not everyone wants to visit a dentist at once or simply does not always have time for it. Tooth decay is a slow process, in which the hard shell of the tooth is destroyed. Everything begins with the fact that small […] More

  • The top 10 natural and inexpensive remedies for baldness

    Being bold is something that many people dread, especially women. However, sometimes the inevitable happens and we start going bald. It may seem like a true disaster has stroked you, but there are still ways to deal with it. It may see that when you start bolding there is nothing you can do about it, […] More

  • 21 home and natural remedies for upset stomach

    Upset stomach is a frequent disease nowadays. Its symptoms are abdominal pain, swelling, nausea, heartburn. This condition occurs when you overeat or consume certain foods, but it can also be caused by a medical problem. We offer you to learn how to get rid of an upset stomach with home remedies. If you have problems […] More

  • How to use apple cider vinegar for skin tags removal

    What do you know about skin tags? Apart from the fact that they look unattractive we know nothing, right? So we will tell you what they actually are. It is a condition called acrochordon and looks like small pieces of flesh are hanging off your body. The usual places for these are armpits, neck and […] More

  • A natural remedy to fight inflammation and soothe sciatic nerve pain

    Today one out of three people after thirties experience sciatic nerve pain at least once in their lifetime. The cause of this disease can be injury, excessive physical activity, degenerative disc disease, lumbar herniated disc and and isthmic spondylolisthesis. The sharp, irritating sciatica pain is typically felt from the lower back to behind the thigh […] More

  • 4 time-tested remedies for leg cramps

    Each of us experienced twitching and tingling in the muscles of the legs, at some point in our life. These unpleasant sensations in the legs are called leg cramps. They are caused by involuntary contraction of muscles, and are accompanied by warning signals such as twitching and tingling of muscles, followed by an abrupt or […] More

  • 7 home remedies to pamper the feet in the rainy season

    How sad it does not sound, but the beach season will soon leave us… and it will be replaced by a rainy season. And this means that we must take better care of our health, skin and hair. But what about our feet? Most women tend to neglect their feet on these rainy days. The […] More

  • 5 natural home recipes to treat itchy scalp

    Very often, we do not even pay attention to how often we scratch our heads, but when it becomes too often, it is time you start thinking about what is wrong with you. Of course, the reasons may be various why we scratch our scalp, but surely it is annoying and pretty distracting. That is […] More