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  • The health benefits of 7 popular essential oils and how to use them

    Essential oils are associated with something refined and mysterious. Since ancient times they are used in medicine, cosmetology and cooking. Useful properties of essential oils are in great demand even in our days. Essential oils have a wide range of biological activity. Some of them are antiseptics, some are antispasmodics, others regenerate cells, or calm […] More

  • 10 natural ways to get rid of stress and cure anxiety

    Many people are suffering from chronic stress and anxiety. Moreover, more than eighty percent of Americans face anxiety symptoms each year. These symptoms include nervousness, shaking, tension, a racing heart, and pain in chest. There are many causes of anxiety such as, stress at work, relationship stress, financial stress and so on. Another cause of […] More

  • How to clean the liver and lose weight in 3 days

    One of the most common procedures for cleaning the internal organs from toxins and wastes is cleaning the liver with raisins. Such a procedure can prevent the development of many pathologies, remove adverse symptoms (dizziness, nausea / vomiting, gastrointestinal disorders, blanching of the skin). Due to the availability of components, the procedure is available to […] More

  • 7 easy and affordable ways to treat a sprain at home

    Almost all people in their lives are faced with various injuries. You may sprain a wrist or an ankle while jogging or even when you go to work. No one is immune from these situations, and this is normal. However, when you get injured you can start panicking and immediately go to the emergency room, […] More

  • The top 10 natural and inexpensive remedies for baldness

    Being bold is something that many people dread, especially women. However, sometimes the inevitable happens and we start going bald. It may seem like a true disaster has stroked you, but there are still ways to deal with it. It may see that when you start bolding there is nothing you can do about it, […] More

  • 8 risk factors and early warning signs of liver cancer

    Your liver is a big cleansing organ, which helps your body eliminate alcohol, toxic agents and waste from the blood and absorb nutritive elements from foods. In addition to this, it generates clotting factors, which are used to stop bleeding after injury. Special liver cells secrete bile in order to metabolize fats from your meals. […] More

  • The difference between how men and women experience chest pain

    Angina is a term, used to describe painful sensations in the chest. It’s actually a warning sign of coronary artery disease. It occurs, when fatty plaques accumulate inside the arteries, which carry blood to the heart muscle in order to nourish it with oxygen. When plaques grow large enough to reduce blood flow, heart muscle […] More

  • Why women are at risk for thyroid disease after 40 and how to prevent it

    Reaching your middle years brings numerous challenges to your body. One of the most significant changes occurs in your reproductive system. Starting from the late 30s or early 40s, your ovaries decrease production of sex hormones estrogen and progesterone bit by bit. Hormonal fluctuations make great influence not only on the menstrual cycle, but also […] More