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  • 6 signs that body is crying for help

    How often do you hear your body? Can you hear it actually? These symptoms may mean your body is screaming out for help. #1. Your liver and gallbladder are in danger when you demand more and more sour foods. This is not the case if you are pregnant, or just became a mom, these are your […] More

  • Tummy can be caused by 5 common diseases, but not caused by excess weight

    Use these solutions for a good shape by belly type. #1. “Love Handles” Side “cushions” appear if you: drink too much alcohol, eat sweets and, sugar or, sit too much of the daytime. Just find time for training, modify your diet and exclude alcohol. Physical training will help. credit: freepik #2. Stress Belly This belly […] More

  • Common signs and symptoms of lung cancer

    Many women worry about getting breast or ovarian malignancy. But did you know that lung cancer kills much more American people than other cancers do? In the past 25 years, lung cancer has distilled breast cancer, becoming No.1 in the causes of cancer deaths. Cancer develops when body cells undergo certain transformations and begin to […] More

  • Health benefits of 9 popular vegetable oils

    Many vegetable oils have remarkable useful properties. Moreover, each of them has its own distinctive useful features that other oils do not possess. Therefore, it is recommended to eat several types of useful oils. Fats, which are part of the oils, are an indispensable element of a balanced diet. In addition to sunflower and olive […] More

  • Detect early symptoms of eczema to start treatment right away

    Having itchy and sore skin anywhere on the body may be extremely unpleasant experience, although not life-threatening. People often use term “eczema” to tell about any skin condition. But in reality not all inflammatory processes occurred in your outer layer are eczematous. The second name for eczema is atopic dermatitis. It’s a chronic disorder that […] More