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  • 15 quick and simple tips for couples to do before bedtime

    Very often we start a relationship and think of it as of a healthy one, but the hint of doubt remains. Is there a way to check it out if your relationship is healthy and happy? Well, there is no 100% accuracy, but there is one way to check. Think of your bedroom time, of […] More

  • Scientific proof that getting fit at the gym makes us more likely to cheat

    Every day the number of people who are exercising in the gym increases. And it’s just wonderful, because the exercise makes us stronger and healthier. Exercising in the gym, you will always be in good shape and in good mood. What could be better? Therefore, if your partner wants to buy a gym membership, you […] More

  • What makes husbands fall in love with other women

    Men and women are very different and they have different needs when it comes to relationships. This is why it can be difficult for women to understand why their husbands are unfaithful. Here are some of the most common reasons that men cheat: #1. He is seeking friendship Man look for female companions who understand […] More

  • 6 sure signs that it’s lust pretending to be love

    Everyone needs love. This feeling makes our life happy and bright. All people deserve to love and to be loved, and when they meet someone special they think that this is a true love. Unfortunately, sometimes people are wrong. Very often people confuse love with lust. Of course, these feelings have some similar features, but […] More

  • 9 ugly things awful husbands do to their wives

    How is your relationship with husband? Good or not? If you do not know what to answer, we want to help you figure it out. Sometimes even the strongest relationship can have a crack. Your beloved husband can change his attitude towards you. Many women face this problem in their relationships. When your husband is […] More

  • 10 things no boyfriend wants to hear

    Communication is the key to any happy relationship. The better the communication is, the stronger the bond between the partners and the longer and happier their time together is. We don’t mean to say that happy couples don’t fight. They do, more often than you’d think, but they share their opinions and respect one another, […] More

  • 8 things almost every man wants from his wife

    We all know that the ideal relationship doesn’t exist — even relationships that seem happy are made up of sacrifices and conversations. But despite this fact, every couple wants to have a perfect relationship without quarrels and misunderstandings. Every woman dreams of finding her charming prince and her own dream house, where she will spend […] More