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  • The real reason why men are attracted to older women

    We live in the modern age, the age of technology and all possible other innovations but one thing still remains unchanged throughout the ages – shame on the couple with the big age difference. Well, when it comes to the relationship when the man is much older, it can still be accepted but if the […] More

  • 6 reasons doctors are now warning people not to wear flip flops

    Summer is officially in full swing and now that the weather is all hot and humid people everywhere are taking it easy and going into vacation mode. For most of us that means kicking off our shoes and going barefoot, but when we do have to go somewhere we usually just stick our feet in […] More

  • 3 sections of the pinky can tell a lot about a person’s character

    Today, many people are interested in their personalities. They want to know more about their personality traits, behavior, habits, and stuff like that. People can’t see themselves with someone else`s eyes, that’s why there are many other sources that can be really helpful in this case. Someone prefers astrology. It is an ancient science that […] More

  • 3 helpful signs of dating a narcissist

    You have met a handsome young guy you really like, but your friends claim that he is a real narcissist. What is narcissism and how it affects a relationship? In order to understand this term right, you should remember one ancient Greek myth: when a handsome young man Narcissus fell in love with his own […] More

  • The strongest quality of each zodiac sign

    One of the reasons why horoscopes are so popular is that most people enjoy reading about themselves, especially if it is positive things. In order to boost confidence and self-esteem, everyone wants to read about how strong, intelligent, and amazing he is. Even the most confident person in the world sometimes needs a little emotional […] More

  • The great perks of being left-handed

    Left-handedness is not considered a disadvantage, as it was half a century ago. However, their thinking and behavior still seem strange to other people. The thing is that the left-hander’s brain uses specific strategies to solve problems. Most often, the leading role of the right hemisphere is determined by genetics. Only 2% of left-handers are […] More

  • 10 harmful wardrobe items

    You will not believe, but it turns out that each of us is in the balance of the development of diseases such as varicose veins, cystitis and curvature of the spine right now. All happens because of the frequent wearing of clothing, shoes and accessories that disrupt the normal functioning of the body. However, you […] More