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  • 5 depression management tricks that make you happy again

    Depression is a mysterious illness. Brain scientists and psychologists say that it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain, which is true. The issue isn’t with the diagnosis, but with the treatment. The problem – and it’s a prevalent one – is the over-prescribing of brain-altering drugs as “the cure.” However, prescription drugs do no such […] More

  • 40 useful affirmations for happiness

    They say you can never have too much of happiness. Every woman dreams to become happy in life, to succeed, to be surrounded by care and attention. However, for some it remains a dream, because they do not do anything to be happy. And how is that? You just need to try to do everything […] More

  • 8 definite signs of malicious envy

    Very often, we get so happy with our success that we tend to underestimate those who envy us. Of course, envy is something close to being a natural response, but some people may take it to quite a new level that is why it is best to stay away from such people as far as […] More

  • The great perks of being left-handed

    Left-handedness is not considered a disadvantage, as it was half a century ago. However, their thinking and behavior still seem strange to other people. The thing is that the left-hander’s brain uses specific strategies to solve problems. Most often, the leading role of the right hemisphere is determined by genetics. Only 2% of left-handers are […] More

  • 7 things that are better not to tell others

    It is human to communicate and to share otherwise it is so easy to get crazy if you keep all the things to yourself. But there is something you should not only be aware of, but you should be afraid of – human jealousy. The thing is that not all people we communicate with wish […] More

  • 13 ways to be less negative and think positively

    If you cannot understand how some famous people maintain a positive outlook on life, no matter what obstacles they experience and if you are skeptical about all these motivational books, which show how to develop a positive mindset, than you should read on this article. We have collected thirteen tips that can help you get […] More

  • A 20-minute nap at work keeps you awake and productive the whole day

    What can add you more energy during the day? Of course, this is a nap. This only seems to be counterproductive. In fact, every year scientific research proves that a nap (or short sleep, as experts call it) is a great way to increase people’s energy level and productivity. You should not think that this […] More

  • This Is Why You Should Take a Personal Day

    It’s summertime, so it is time to relax a bit, right? Not for everyone. More than 50% of Americans don’t use all of their vacation days. Even though taking time off is the key to replenishing your energy and being more productive, many people don’t take time to rest. According to a survey, most people […] More