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  • Here’s How To Easily Grow Avocado From A Seed!

    Unlike in the past, avocados are everywhere right now. The tropical fruit can be used in a variety of ways and is an inseparable part of many delicacies around the world. At the same time, avocados are incredibly healthy for us – they are full of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber which can certainly […] More

  • 5 Plants You Should Buy For Your Home To Fight Colds And Help Cure Insomnia

    Millions of people face sleep difficulties every single night, and struggle to fall asleep and get the needed rest. If you are one of these, you should try keeping one of the following plants in the bedroom, as they have the power to treat insomnia and virtually revolutionize your sleeping experience. Namely, such indoor plants […] More

  • Top indoor plants that will make your home a peaceful and positive place

    Plants are used to decorate your home, and to enrich your living area. Nonetheless, there are some plants that can help in creating a sense of peace, and also purify the air in your home. By eliminating the negative energy that surrounds you, you will feel less stressed, which is going to improve your overall […] More

  • This simple, yet amazing plant will help you heal your damaged lungs!

    Breathing in and out is a process that we don’t really think about. We are doing it without ever thinking about it. There are, however, people that have damaged lungs, and for them, the process of breathing is a serious challenge, because every breath that they take, means pain in the lungs. The lungs are […] More

  • What are the most beneficial plants for elderly people?

    Elderly people often time suffer from different health problems, including decreased vision and hearing, depression, urinary incontinence, cardiovascular problems, insomnia, hypertension, reduced blood flow to their brains, and diabetes. Luckily, there are some medicinal plants that have the ability to promote well-being in this category of people. But, it is also extremely important that the […] More

  • Plants that will bring positive energy and good fortune into your home!

    Feng Shui is something that you have probably heard about. It is actually an ancient technique that says that you need to place certain objects, in certain places of your home, so that you can influence the flow of energy inside of your home. According to Feng Shui, plants possess energy like all other organic […] More

  • New to plant medicine? Here are the best herbs for beginners!

    In this era of the internet, where the information is easily accessible, there is a flood of information and recommendations regarding the herbal products. We suggest that you continue reading this article in order to find out which herbs you need to try, especially if you are a beginner. We all know that herbs are […] More