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  • 8 hormonal imbalances that can cause weight gain

    Hormonal balance plays a great role in your body. It helps maintain optimal body temperature, regulate digestion, improve mental performance and get pregnant. When production of hormones gets disturbed, or body cells become insensitive to them, numerous problems may occur. You’ve probably heard that reduction of estrogen may cause menstrual irregularities, hot flashes and insomnia. […] More

  • Massage these 4 points for weight loss

    If you have problems with an excessive weight, we are about to come with unexpected solution! Today we are not going to give you pieces of advice on eating and work out. You already know how important these are. We will tell you how to lose weight with the help of massage! It is not […] More

  • Lose belly fat with a table spoon of apple cider vinegar per day

    There are people who do not need to think about their body too much, because they are responsible for their harmony to nature, but there are not enough such people. The rest have to struggle with excess weight by keeping rigid diets and performing numerous physical exercises. Many women face such a problem as belly […] More

  • Boiled egg diet plan can help lose up to 12 pounds in 2 weeks

    Are you looking for the best low-calorie diet for slimming down? Stop looking! We would like to show you the one – Boiled egg diet. Believe it or not, but this diet plan can help you lose up to twelve pounds in two weeks. Are eggs good for weight loss? Yes, eggs can make you […] More

  • 15-minute pool exercise routine for effective weight loss

    Today, many people take care if their health and appearance. We all want to be healthy and look attractive. In this way we can feel comfortable and confident in the society and get rid of the problems with self-esteem. That’s why there are hundreds of women that want to change their lives and get rid […] More

  • 5 types of tummies and how to slim each one

    Today, more and more people decide to change their lives. They want to be healthy and attractive. That’s why they do their best to lose excess weight and gain muscle mass. Luckily, there are methods that can be really helpful in this case. However, there are many cases when people do everything possible to get […] More

  • 4 tips that can help burn visceral fat

    Our body needs subcutaneous fat. This is a kind of reserve. Replenishing the energy reserves of the body, it gives us vital energy and warms in the colder seasons. Constantly eating, we replenish our fat stores. However, with their considerable exaggeration, the body begins to store the reserves not in the subcutaneous layers, but directly […] More