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    8 hormonal imbalances that can cause weight gain

    Hormonal balance plays a great role in your body. It helps maintain optimal body temperature, regulate digestion, improve mental performance and get pregnant. When production of hormones gets disturbed, or body cells become insensitive to them, numerous problems may occur. You’ve probably heard that reduction of estrogen may cause menstrual irregularities, hot flashes and insomnia. […] More

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    The way you clench your fist can say a lot about your personality

    The way you, without hesitation, clench your hand into a fist, can tell in detail about your personality. We offer you to try a short test to learn more about your character traits. How do you usually clench your hand in a fist? Perhaps it may seem very simple, but according to this, body language […] More

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    Why women are at risk for thyroid disease after 40 and how to prevent it

    Reaching your middle years brings numerous challenges to your body. One of the most significant changes occurs in your reproductive system. Starting from the late 30s or early 40s, your ovaries decrease production of sex hormones estrogen and progesterone bit by bit. Hormonal fluctuations make great influence not only on the menstrual cycle, but also […] More

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    Eating too much salt may be deadly for “good” gut bacteria

    The salt content in the diet of a modern person is greatly overestimated, but salt is not recommended to be eaten daily and in huge quantities. On the contrary, salt abuse can bring a lot of trouble. American scientists have found that the regular consumption of excessive amounts of salt provokes changes in the immune […] More

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    21 home and natural remedies for upset stomach

    Upset stomach is a frequent disease nowadays. Its symptoms are abdominal pain, swelling, nausea, heartburn. This condition occurs when you overeat or consume certain foods, but it can also be caused by a medical problem. We offer you to learn how to get rid of an upset stomach with home remedies. If you have problems […] More

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    6 easy ways to keep the brain healthy and the mind sharp

    We all know how valuable health is in our lives. Therefore, each of us tries to do everything to be healthy: we visit a doctor, we take blood tests, use various medicines and vitamins, and also try to lead a healthy lifestyle. All this is an integral part of being healthy, but many of us […] More

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    Sleeping too much or too little could make us fat and sick

    Nowadays many of us have too busy schedule to sleep at least seven hours per night, as it is recommended by medical professionals. You probably know that lack of sleep can cause too much problems in your body. However oversleeping on a regular basis may be as harmful as depriving sleep. Scientists from the Seoul […] More

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    Massage these 4 points for weight loss

    If you have problems with an excessive weight, we are about to come with unexpected solution! Today we are not going to give you pieces of advice on eating and work out. You already know how important these are. We will tell you how to lose weight with the help of massage! It is not […] More

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    9 reasons to avoid eating raw fish and how to tell if it’s gone bad

    Do you like eating raw fish? Yes, it is pretty tasty, but dangerous! While many people enjoy eating dishes like sushi and rolls, there are several terrible things potentially hiding in these dishes that you should be aware of before eating. It turns out that raw fish may harbor bacteria and infections. In order to […] More

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    How to use apple cider vinegar for skin tags removal

    What do you know about skin tags? Apart from the fact that they look unattractive we know nothing, right? So we will tell you what they actually are. It is a condition called acrochordon and looks like small pieces of flesh are hanging off your body. The usual places for these are armpits, neck and […] More

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    9 things that happen when you meet the soulmate

    Modern life sets you into a rushy mood. Your are stressed because of multiple tasks and deadlines, so you even have no time to think your private life over. Well, if you have time for a private life, of course. Life can be hectic, we know that no more than you. Today women are used […] More

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    14 food supplements proven to keep diabetes in check

    It is important for a man to maintain normal sugar levels for good health. The level of sugar directly depends on physical activity, hereditary factors and daily ration. Sometimes you can normalize the level of sugar without the use of traditional medicines, you can try a good diet. In order to have sugar level ​​not […] More

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